A Celebration of Science and Reason

February 10 at The Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL


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Venue: The Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL
Price Range: $53.50 - $203.50

About the Show

Sam Harris & Lawrence Krauss are two of the world's most respected scientists, authors and biggest draws in secular humanism. They will share the stage with Matt Dillahunty, a former Southern Baptist who spent a big part of his life studying to become a minister. Since finding his way out of religion, Dillahunty gained worldwide fame by hosting the Austin, Texas all access call-in show, The Atheist Experience. He now travels the world debating & lecturing on subjects primarily relating to belief in god and skepticism.

  • Performance Date & Time: Saturday, February 10, 2018 8:00 PM CST
  • Ticket prices: $53.50 , $203.50
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