The beautiful auditorium complete with murals above the stage and on the ceiling, are components of an amazing building called "the Wonder Theatre of the World" when it opened on October 26, 1921. The 3,553 seat auditorium is seven stories high, more than one half of a city block wide, and nearly as long.

Easily Accommodates: TV Shows, Fashion Shows, Graduations, Corporate Meetings, Concerts, Benefits, Film Premieres, Up-fronts, Weddings, Sit Down Dinners on Stage

Locations Theatre Style
Orchestra Level 1,831
Orchestra Pit 90
Mezzanine Level 212
Balcony/Loge Level 1420
Banquet 100-800 (with stage decking)
Stage Dimensions: 123' Wide x 32' Deep, 70' Wide Proscenium
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